Scanning and Photographing Gear

Taking good quality images of artwork is hard.  My process involves either taking a photograph or scanning and editing with Adobe software.  I arrived at this process via a lot of research and through trial and error.  In general, I take photographs of large paintings and scan small ones.  I have created a few videos on my process you can find here.

I have provided a list of the gear I use below and included links.  The links are affiliate links through Amazon.  However, I used my local stores to build up my gear over time, perhaps you might like to do the same.

Also please note, do your own research before purchasing any gear as it is expensive.  These are the things I use and work for me, but be aware that your use case might be different, or there might be newer and better products available. Perhaps use my list as a starting point.


Camera - I use a DSLR Full Frame Camera

 Scanning Gear


  • Epson P900 Printer

Colour Calibration


  • Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Davinci Resolve


  • Alienware Monitor by Dell
  • Dell Multi Device Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
  • DJI Mic Digital Wireless

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