I’m Louise, a scientist turned representational artist living in the Adelaide Hills, Australia. I don’t work as a scientist anymore, (I left that career back in 2015 to paint), however, those skills still percolate into aspects of my art practice. But I am an artist at heart, and always have been.

Returning to painting in 2015 after a long break was tough. There was a huge gap between my expectations and my skills, and I knew I couldn’t reduce the gap on my own. So, with my artist heart overriding every aspect of my logical brain, I packed my bags and moved to NYC to study classical painting techniques at the Grand Central Atelier under the direction of Jacob Collins. The skills I learnt there (beautiful gems of knowledge), I will carry with me for life.

After NYC I moved to California with my husband and set up a small studio to refine my painting technique and cultivate my style. During that time, I had two children, Luke and Emma, but I still made time to paint in the moments of time when they slept.

In 2022 we moved back home to Adelaide. I loved my time in the U.S. but being home is great too. These days I paint fruit, flowers and leaves from my garden and local florists. I like to paint from life as it allows me to observe, understand and interpret nature and light in all its complexity.

I also recently started selling prints of my paintings in my online shop here. I initially created prints as a way of keeping hold of the paintings I sell. I enjoyed them so much I thought others might too. I consider them an extension of my art practice as I undertake the whole process myself.

To learn more about my painting and printing process, see my Studio Notes. To learn more about collecting my original paintings click here.